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Academy of Finland Postdoctoral researcher            

        The University of Helsinki, Finland

        Metapopulation Research Centre

        Department of Biosciences

e-mail: anne.duplouy(at)    

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Host-symbiont interactions and insect communities provide ideal models for investigating diverse evolutionary and ecological processes. 

I started to investigate these topics during the course of my PhD. I tried to explain the observed variations in prevalence and penetrance of a Wolbachia infection in different butterfly populations. Since my interest for the understanding of the Dynamics, Ecology and Evolution of host-symbiont interactions has grown further. Currently I am investigating various symbiotic systems within insect food-web, thus to identify how those micro-organisms may influence insect communities.

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  1. 2016.Ella & Georg Enrnrooth Foundation Grant

    Metapopulation Research Centre Funding for Conference Organizing

    LUOVA Funding for Conference Organizing

    CoE in Biological Interactions Funding for Conference Organizing


  1. 2017.OIKOS Finland, Helsinki, Finland

2017. Ecological Immunology Workshop, Blossin, Germany


Duplouy A, and Brattstrom O (2017) Wolbachia in the genus Bicyclus. Microbial Ecology. pdf

Duplouy A, Wong SC, Corander J, Lehtonen R, and Hanski I (2017) Genetic effects on life-history traits in the Glanville fritillary butterfly. PeerJ 5:e3371. pdf Preprint:

Duplouy A, Woestmann L, Gallego-Zamorano J and Saastamoinen M (2017) Impact of male condition on his spermatophore and consequences for female reproductive performance in the Glanville fritillary butterfly. Insect Science. pdf

Ramage T, Matins-Simoes P, Mialdea G, Allemand R, Duplouy A, Rousse P, Davies N, Roderick GK and Charlat S (2017) Host diversity in the SymbioCode system: a DNA barecode-based survey of terrestrial arthropods in the Society Islands of French Polynesia. European Journal of Taxonomy 272: 1-13. pdf

van Nouhuys S, Kohonen M and Duplouy A (2016) Wolbachia increases the susceptibility of a parasitoid wasp to hyperparasitism. The Journal of Experimental Biology 219: 2984-2990. pdf