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        Marie-Curie Fellow  (PI)         

        Department of Biology

        Lund University, Sweden

e-mail: anne.duplouy( at )

My research here              My CV: DUPLOUY-CV-Sept2018.pdf                  

Host-symbiont interactions and insect communities provide ideal models for investigating diverse evolutionary and ecological processes. 

I started to investigate these topics during the course of my PhD. I tried to explain the observed variations in prevalence and penetrance of a Wolbachia infection in different butterfly populations. Since my interest for the understanding of the Dynamics, Ecology and Evolution of host-symbiont interactions has grown further. Currently I am interested in investigating how symbiotic micro-organisms may influence insect communities and food-webs, and how the diverse interactions between species of insect communities may facilitate the horizontal transfer of their endosymbionts.

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Latest News

Join us! Apply for a PhD position in symbiosis in insect community at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Starting Fall 2019.


2019. Academy of Finland Research Fellowship, the University of Helsinki, Finland

2019. Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation Travel Grant, Sweden

2018. Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship, Lund University, Sweden


2019. GRC animal-microbe symbiosis, Mt Snow, USA



Shropshire JD, Leigh B, Bordenstein SR, Duplouy A, Riegler M, Brownlie JC, and Bordenstein SR (2019) Models and nomenclature for cytoplasmic incompatibility: caution over premature conclusions - A response to Beckmann et al. 2019. Trends in Genetics. pdf


Duplouy A, Minard G, Lähteenaro M, Rytteri S, and Saastamoinen M (2018) Silk properties and overwinter survival in gregarious butterfly larvae. Ecology and Evolution 8(24):12443-12455. pdf

Duplouy A, and Hornett EA (2018) Uncovering the hidden players in Lepidoptera biology: the heritable microbial endosymbionts. PeerJ 6:e4629. pdf