Host-symbiont interactions and insect communities provide ideal models for investigating diverse evolutionary and ecological processes. 

At the ISEE lab, we try to explain the observed variations in prevalence and penetrance of a Wolbachia infection in insect populations. In particular, we investigate how symbiotic micro-organisms may influence insect communities and food-webs, and how the diverse interactions between species of insect communities may facilitate the horizontal transfer of their endosymbionts.

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News from the Lab


Grants and Awards:


*MSc project research grant to Uxue Rezola. Congratulations!!


*LUOVA doctoral fellowship to Camila Beraldo. Congratulations!!!

*MSc student Junchen Deng was offered a PhD research position in Poland.

*HiLIFE BioResilience Seed Grant to Anne Duplouy



*4th Finnish Molecular Ecology Symposium - University of Oulu - Federica Valerio and Camila Beraldo preseting their work

*Animal Evolution & Diversity Goettingen University, Germany - invited speaker - Anne Duplouy - ‘Global pandemic of a maternally inherited symbiont’

Latest publications:


Davies S, Putnam H, Ainsworth T, Baum J, Bove C, Crosby S, Cote I, Duplouy A, Fulweiler R, Griffin A, Hanley T, Hill T, Humanes A, Mangubhai S, Metaxas A, Parker L, Rivera H, Silbiger N, Smith N, Spalding A, Traylor-Knowles N, Weigel B, Wright R, and Bates A (2021) Promoting inclusive metrics of success and impact to dismantle a discriminatory reward system in science. PLoS Biology 19(6):e3001282. pdf

Duplouy A, Nair A, Nyman T, and van Nouhuys S (2021) Long-term spatio-temporal genetic structure of an accidental introduction, and the population dynamics of its associated Wolbachia symbiont. Molecular Ecology 30 (18): 4368-4380. pdf

Deng J, Assandri G, Chauhan P, Futahashi R, Hansson B, Galimberti A, Lancaster LT, Takahashi Y, Svensson EI, and Duplouy A (2021) Wolbachia-selective sweep in a range expanding insect species. BMC Ecology and Evolution 21, 181. pdf

Abrun P, Ashori A, Duplouy A, and Kishani Farahani H (2021) Wolbachia impairs post-eclosion host preference in a parasitoid wasp. The Science of Nature 108(13). pdf


Ghanavi HR, Twort V, and Duplouy A (Preprint) Exploring bycatch diversity of organisms in whole genome sequencing of Eribidae moths (Lepidoptera). bioRxiv doi:10.1101/2021.09.02.458197. pdf